Writing for Culture and Fashion

There will always be people who are interested in the latest fashion and as a result, fashion will continue to be a big industry. As the fashions do not last for more than a season to a year, there will always be the need for someone to be trained to bring out the latest trend.

When we look at the fashion items around us it seems that this is what brings the colour into our lives. Nations are constructed on the money that fashion and fashion materials provided and when writing about this, there is a lot more to include that just the latest style. When putting together a dissertation, one of our writers will cover everything from the history of fashion and along to the latest designer and fabric. All will be factual.

  • So, What Will be Helpful?
  • History of the fashions and trends from times gone by.
  • How was a generation affected by a fashion icon – Beatles suits, Bay City Rollers tartan and Jennifer Anistons’ hair.
  • How the way a brand is perceived can affect its importance.
  • How Elvis made his mark in the world of fashion.
  • The joining and mixing of the style of the country and that of the city.
  • What people can tell or think they can tell from the way you dress.
  • How people can judge you from day to day depending upon your outfit.
  • Where do women fit into the fashion industry?
  • How can we wean ourselves away from an old trend that we really need to leave behind?

Understand the journey a designer has and why they sometimes produce items that would not normally be associated with them.

Study the individual and how they feel about their clothes and if they believe it reflects their true self and shows what they want to be shown.

Case studies showing how bloggers can help or hinder the career of a designer.

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