Write an integrative essay in which his or her perspective on psychology is evident.

essentially your philosophy of psychology based on what you have learned in your psychology coursework (and life!) up to this point. You can use pieces of the previous papers you have done in the course, but the focus any any specific issue is totally up to you.
Each student will write an integrative essay in which his or her perspective on psychology is evident. Some material from the 6 essays and discussion questions should be included in the essay.
This paper should be written in APA style and include 5 references and the associated citations in text. Your integrative paper should be well-organized and concisely written. Think of it as the expression of your philosophy of psychology. It should not be a traditional research paper in which you explore a topic and generate a thesis.
This paper should reflect your philosophy of psychology and bring in to focus the major perspectives you find most salient. All text citations and full references must be in current APA style. This is a senior-level writing intensive psychology course and correct use of APA style is mandatory. You will find concise instruction in the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual, which is a required text for this course.
Integrative Paper Grading Criteria
Criteria Exceeds Expectations Fully Meets Expectations Partley Meets Expectations Fails to Meet Expectations
Position 45 points

Student clearly and convincingly articulates her/his critical perspective 40 points

Student expresses her/his critical perspective 34 points

Student makes a few comments on her/his perspective 28 points

Student fails to express her/his critical perspective
Response 45 points

Response to assignment is thorough and concise 40 points

Response is adequate 34 points

Partially responds to assignment 28 points

Fails to respond to assignment
Support 35 points

Thoroughly documents response with research findings 31 points

Provides adequate support with research findings 26 points

Provides some support with research findings 21 points

Fails to support response with research findings
Style 25 points

Uses APA style in citing sources; exceptionally strong writing, free of problems in spelling or grammar 22 points

Uses APA style in citing sources; uses correct spelling and grammar 18 points

Some problems with format of sources and /or problems with spelling and grammar 15 points

Fails to follow APA style in citing sources; frequent problems with spelling and grammar interfere with clear communication.
My last two papers were done by this writer and all 6 papers done through Advanced. I can send them again to the writer if necessary for them to reread

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