Why should managers use ethical criteria to guide their decision making?

1- Why should managers use ethical criteria to guide their decision making?

2- Designing or structuring an organization is not an easy task for the success of the organization. How does an organization handle this task? What factors need to be considered? Who should be involved in the process? Please be specific in your answer.

3- Research suggests that a useful way of conceptualizing how the organizational design of a subunit achieves its effectiveness is in terms of the three way “fit” (“the perfect fit”). Discuss the meaning of “fit” , the concept, and its importance to the organization. Once you set up the “three way fit” is there a need to constantly monitor same? Why?

4- Please comment on the following:
a.) Strategy follows structure.
b.) In business today it is best to use the classic (also known as the economic) theory of decision making.
c.) Because managers today are very busy it is not wise to use the responsibility chart in delegation.
d.) To be fair and equitable, “subordinates should be given an equal opportunity to tackle a delegated assignment, even though the delegator knows that one or two people will do a superior job while one or two may be below par”
e.) Generally, it is sound management policy for managers to put off making decisions for as long as possible.
f.) Restructuring should be problem-driven.
g.) “Delegating upwards” is not only (a) common practice but (b) a desirable management technique.
h.) The SWAT analysis, while much used in the past, is now very seldom used in business because it is time consuming with very little benefit.

5- What did the Hawthorne studies contribute to management thinking?

6- In what ways have manager’s jobs changed the most over the last 12-15 years? Please be specific. Why have these changes occurred?

7- a.) Control is necessary for an organization to achieve its objectives. How can managers deal with the potential conflict between the needs for personal autonomy and for organizational control?
b.) There are four main sources, also referred to as the main determinates of business ethics. one is societal ethics. What are the other three?

8- a.) please clearly state the purpose of the Responsibility chart in Delegation which was discussed in class.
b.) Please name the BIG five personality traits.
c.) Please name the Building Blocks of competitive advantage.

9- Please read the following case and answer the questions.
Case name (Talking with George)
Source: James Stoner, Management. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1978. (If needed email me for the case).
Case questions:
a.) Would you like to work for George- you being his subordinate? Why? Please use principles discussed in class to support you answer.
b.) Would you like to have George work for you – to be your subordinate? Why? Support you answer using managerial theory.
c.) What do you think is the key management problem in this case? Please briefly discuss the problem and reason for same.
d.) What should the company do with George? Why? Please base your answer on managerial principles.

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