Why is this important in the larger context of our society or in your community?

The Professor instructions: Explore your thinking about a theme, or themes, in the novel and go beyond the novel to discuss your topic(s) in a larger context. You have two main purposes:
1) Discuss how Alexie develops the theme(s) in the novel and why it matters.
2) Write an essay in which you explore what other writers have said about the topic(s) you are explaining.
You can make these two parts fit smoothly, if you want. Or, you can think of this as two separate sections. Of course, the two parts are related. We can say that your discussion of the novel
gives you an opportunity to explore the topic(s) in your essay.
Why is this important in the larger context of our society or in your community? Why should we care about this? Be sure to speak to this in your essay, saying why this matters beyond the scope of the novel. Use source information to explore this. Cite the sources (MLA or APA format) in your essay and at the end.
*My instructions: the name of the novel is Part Time Indian, and the themes that I chose are poverty and alcohol. And for the Sources but how many you want. Please do your best. thank you.

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