Why Everyone Suffers in Unequal Societies ?

*Important Note:-

Please if you can’t finish it by this time do not start it, because it will be useless. Thank you.

This paper should be in the following format:
• 1” margins
• double-spaced
• 12-pt font, times new roman
• 4-5 pages in length
• grammatically correct sentences and accurate spelling
• no late papers accepted
• clearly labeled with headings: Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3
• Put your name and page number on each page in the header.
• Use a Cover Page
• Please bring 2 stapled copies of your paper to turn in.

Watch the video first and then read the two articles:
-1 **Video LINK**
Richard Wilkinson Lecture

(link:- http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_wilkinson.html)

-2 *This article had been attached below*

Is the U.S. Income Gap Wider Thank You Think,

-3 *Article #2*
Why Everyone Suffers in Unequal Societies ?

(Article Link:-


Section 1 (1 page)

Richard Wilkinson states in his video, “If you want to live the American Dream, go to Denmark.” What does this mean? Use information from this video and the 2 articles to substantiate your answer.

Section 2 (2 pages)

Deservedness is defined as something that is justly or rightly earned or something that someone is entitled to.

How do the stereotypes about the poor, and your ideas about deservedness help and hinder your progress toward Cultural Competence?

Section 3 (1-2 pages)

What were the most important lessons you learned from
• Is the U.S. Income Gap Wider Thank You Think, (Article had been attached)
• Why Everyone Suffers in Unequal Societies (Article link above)
• Richard Wilkinson Lecture (online video link above)

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