Which of these volcanoes are likely to erupt again?

It’s about research paper and presentation on power point about 8 slides.
The report should primarily focus on library literature such as Scientific journals or government publications rather than internet material.
The Volcanoes in Northwest of America.
1. What were the majors’ volcanoes there?
2. How did these volcanoes start? When that happened?
3. What were the effects of these volcanoes?
4. Why did these volcanoes occur?
5. Which of these volcanoes are likely to erupt again?
An example of the report and presentation might be organized as follows:
1 Introduction 2.0 Problem Statement 3.0 Scientific Background 4. Results 5.0 Discussion 6- conclusion .

The course name is "Physical geology" and its due in April 4th also I have online book for the course if you need it I will send it to you …..At this web .masteringgeology
Thank you

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