Where should you intervene with visitor management techniques?

Visitor management deals with the issues and problems in visitor management of Sidon castle. Visitor management deals with the dilemma of "Access versus preservation\conservation". Discuss in the project what is this dilemma means for Sidon castle.
Give an overview of visitor management issues that could arise at Sidon castle which is our world heritage site. Also indicate in a map where they arise in the area\site. Give attention to carrying capacity, thresholds, zoning measurements and other visitor management tools that you could use in Sidon castle.
Base the recommended visitor management tools on facts and figures for Sidon castle, such as number of visitors to the site in a year. Describe visitor experience at the site, visitor expectations of the site, service gaps and problem areas in the service experience. Where should you intervene with visitor management techniques? You culd find this information by using visitor complaints sites, web logs of tourists or sites of tour operators.
This will be written in 3 pages, and the last three pages is for answering the problem statement, research questions, conclusions and recommendation.

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