What similarities, if any, did it have to the piece you liked?

You must attend a concert outside of class, and write a 2-4 page paper about it. You may not use the same concert for your oral report and written report.

The concert must be Western Art Music of one of the genres we cover throughout the class. Consult your syllabus for genres we will cover, or ask me if you are unsure if a concert is acceptable.

Your report should include the name of the concert you went to, where it was held, the type of ensemble you listened to and the name of the performer or group. Name of your favorite piece or movement and describe it in as much detail of possible using your knowledge of beat, rhythm, meter, pitch range, timbre, dynamics and instruments. What about it did you like and why did it appeal to you? Then describe a little bit about your least favorite work on the program. How was it different from the piece you liked? What specifically about it do you not enjoy? (hint: “It was boring” is not a good answer.) What similarities, if any, did it have to the piece you liked?

I highly recommend you take the time to completely understand the assignment before attending the concert, and take notes specifically related to what you are supposed to report on while you are at the concert. You should be familiar with this assignment from your oral report. Your written report will be very similar to your oral report, but it should be more formal in tone. Remember to write clearly and in a style appropriate to an academic paper.

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