What opportunity costs and sunk costs were involved with that decision

For this Discussion questions, post (at least 100 words.
The use of 1 researched reference should be applied to the material and cited

First, think of a purchase in your personal life. Then discuss what opportunity costs and sunk costs were involved with that decision.

Unit 4: Complete Using Relevant Information and Reports in Decision-Making

Complete assignments should be separate response must have a minimum of 250 words. Assignments vary widely; however, essays should be written in APA style, with in-text citations and a separate reference listing as needed.

Case Summary

Other than the obvious reduction in salary and wages expenses, identify some costs savings Dell might realize by reducing its workforce by 10 percent.

Case Analysis

Assume some of the workers being terminated are assembly employees and that they are being replaced by new robotic assembly machines. Explain how this might affect Dell’s unit-level, batch-level and facility-level costs.

Executive Decision

As the CFO responsible for recommending the proposed changes, explain which financial re

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