What more could the film do to achieve this?

ake a new post and respond to the questions below . Write at least 200 words for Question 1 and at least 100 words for Question 2 (1 post, 300 total words minimum). Label each answer with the question number. Then reply to one classmate’s response to Question 1, in which two of Frida’s works are compared (100 words minimum).

Note: Make sure to connect your responses to the materials found in this lesson as well as the overall topic of women in the arts and humanities, including the role that gender, race, class, and sexuality play in creative work and its reception.

Frida Kahlo became famous for her series of self-portraits depicting personal events/tragedies and deep emotional physical states. Compare and contrast two of her self-portraits and please include images of both works of art you will be comparing in this answer. As you make your comparisons please consider the following questions:
What is similar or dissimilar between both works of art?
What style of painting did Kahlo use? Refer to surrealism under Art in Context.
How does Kahlo address issues of gender, reproduction, and sexuality, and femininity in her artwork? Refer to the information under Artists.
Did the film Frida succeed in presenting Frida Kahlo as a successful Hispanic woman artist? What more could the film do to achieve this? Please use specific examples from the film to support your position, noting particular scenes, moments, or conversations to help make your point

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