What lessons have you learned about the subject?

watch this vidoe

Now that you’ve had a chance to watch the video, write about your experience from the framework of what, so what, and now what. Follow the guide below. Write a descriptive account of the main points of the video.

(Consider some of the facts that were presented.)
So what?
(Here, you’ll shift from describing the video to sharing what the video meant to you. What feelings did the content of this video elicit? What lessons have you learned about the subject?)
Now what?
(In this stage, consider the placement of this information in the larger context surrounding it. How can this information be applied to future situations? Does this video inspire you to take action in any way? If so, please describe your experience.)
When you’re done writing about the video from these perspectives, post your work to the discussion board on the next page, sharing your thoughts and feelings with the class.

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