What is your favorite company doing business in the United States today, and why?

What is your favorite company doing business in the United States today, and why? In other words, if you could be the CEO of any privately- or publicly owned firm in the U.S., which one would it be? In the alternative, if you could start up your own business firm from scratch, what would it be? (Note: your favorite private company cannot be Facebook.)

Part II

Address the following questions in Part II of your paper or video:

A. Choice of Business Entity

From a legal perspective, what type of business entity is your firm; e.g. is it a “sole proprietorship”, a “partnership”, an “LLC”, or a “corporation”? What are the main advantages or disadvantages of this form of ownership?

B. Contracts

What is the most important contract or contractual relationship your firm has entered into? Who is the other party to the contract? Do you expect both parties to honor the contract?

C. Intellectual Property

What is the single-most valuable type of intellectual property that your firm owns? How did your firm acquire the legal rights to this intellectual property?

D. Litigation

What is the most important lawsuit (or potential lawsuit) your firm is currently facing today? Is your firm the “plaintiff” or the “defendant” in this case? And if this case were to go to court today, which side is most likely to win and why?

E. Ethics

What is your firm’s ethical culture like?

F. Picture or Diagram

Lastly, please include in the body of your paper at least one diagram, picture, or cartoon that illustrates or otherwise elucidates any one of your answers to the questions in Part II.

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