What is the international standard of care and its relation to international law?

International Business Law

1. Discuss international law as it related to patents and trade mark of intellectual property. Include in your discuss the impact of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Council for Trade- Related Aspect of Intellectual Rights (TRIPs)

2. Define international organization and discuss the impact of the different types of international organizations.

3. What is the international standard of care and its relation to international law? Use a major case such as PB exploration co (Libya) v. Arab Republic to make your point.

4. Discuss state responsibility and environmental regulation as it relates to international law. Give specific attention to lack of standing, lack of nationality, the Calvo Clause lack of genuine link, and failure to exhaust remedies.

The project is 3000 words length and should be presented in times new roman font, 12 p, double-spaced, with source references from manuscripts and sites (to be included with paper).
The structure should contain a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and Harvard References Page
Marking Criteria
Essay must include:
a. Introduction: importance of the topic for International Business Law 15%
b. A critical review of the theory 25%
c. A case study 25%
d. An analysis between the theory and the case study 10%
e. Conclusions 15%
f. References 10%

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