What do we need to do to ensure the concept will work?(

Module title: LFPM( licensed food promises management)

Title page
Contents page
1.0 introduction ( quote on concept development, concept chosen, prodect that will be investigated, plan)
2.0 concept development( what is concept development? Why is it needed, particularly in our industry? What do we need to do to ensure the concept will work?( feasibility study) what does it entail? What else needs to be taken into consideration?
3.0 History and development of the concept
4.0 Investigate the development of your chosen product ( what is your chosen product? Why has it been effective in adapting to changing tastes/trends/development? Include evidence of performance, customer feedback, financial results and any other relevant evidence of effectiveness)
5.0 Conclusion
6.0 Recommendation( based on findings, what recommendations could your make for your product to be more effective? Explain in detail how the recommendations will help solve the issues identified and analyse the impact on available resources
7.0 Bibliography 18, between 2005-2015
8.0 Appendices( copy of relevant information

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