What did you find yourself thinking about after you put down the material?

A)Choose a family structure (e.g., traditional nuclear, single-parent, blended family, etc.) and apply the stages of family development theory to their family career. Be sure to address any limitations of the theory to the application of your chosen family structure, and identify ways that the reformulation described in your text could assist you in utilizing this theory to help describe the changes this family might face. (300 words)

B)Identify and discuss the differences between Family Development Theory and the Life Course Perspective. Choose a family issue or family structure of interest to you and discuss which theory you feel applies more readily to your topic and why. (300 words)

Include references from your textbooks and other academic/scholarly sources using APA-style.

In the original post, you will also need to include your personal and professional reflections upon and reactions to the readings.

For example:

-What in particular struck you in the readings?

-What did you find yourself thinking about after you put down the material?

-Was there a concept or scenario that you had not considered before reading this material?

-What point(s) did the author(s) make that generated as strong response on your part? Agreement? Disagreement?

-What connections did you make with the content you have learned in other courses?

It should be at least 300 words, with sources cited using correct APA 6th Edition formatting; cutting and pasting from sources is not appropriate. This version of Blackboard allows you to check for spelling and grammar errors. Answers should demonstrate critical thinking and scholarly writing. Answers should be proofread to avoid inappropriate symbols that may appear as a result of pasting from a Word document. Points will be deducted for spelling, grammatical, APA, and formatting errors.

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