What challenges do you anticipate facing in future semesters, and what strategies will help you achieve success in college?


As we approach the end of the semester, I want you to reflect a little on what you’ve learned over the term. Please answer the following questions:


What were the biggest challenges you faced in achieving success this semester? Why do you think these were challenges for you?  How did you overcome these challenges?

What challenges do you anticipate facing in future semesters, and what strategies will help you achieve success in college? Or what advice do you have for yourself for next semester?



  • I want theses answers here to be in good paragraphs, its reflection no essay.
  • I want to explain all my points there simply.
  • I am ESL student so my writing should be very simple.
  • The main point is that I want to be successful and keep a high GPA until I graduate.
  • Look at his questions first thing in the page and try to match my answers in the same order.



The biggest challenge is receiving A for all my classes.

That was a challenge for me because I wanted to receive the highest

GBA so I can take care of keeping it high until I graduate from the university.

I overcame to have a high grade for each class in this semester.

The same challenge will stay in my mind until I graduate in addition to other challenges depending in the class that I am going to take in the future.

I want both my major classes and general education classes to be high grades.

Strategy is to do everything on time and never be late so my GPA will not suffer from late work and I lose grades for that. Also study on time will make classes easy for me to understand the lessons during the semester and to be prepared for final exams. According to that, I will only review for the finals.


I advice myself to look for a lot of pay a lot of attentions for all my classes in the future so I can pass them easily and successfully. what I have mentioned here. So I can find my success for future.

Come early to classes never be late.

Do my homework early.

Take note to help me with finals.

Have a study guide for all classes.

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