What can be done in the time not over a longer period. If that makes sense?

I have another piece of work I was hoping you could provide assistance with. It is basically two presentations for a assessment centre scenario, one individual and one group…..

With the individual presentation…..I would like a write up of the structure/approach (i.e what needs to be taken into account) in order to help me if the scenario changed slightly and would also like a speech write up…with a word limit appropriate to the time limit allocated.

With the group one….I would again like the structure and approach (like above), so during the group discussion I can have a positive input…..additionally I would also like the speech, again appropriate to the time allocated……I would like to add though its a group presentation I would like all parts, in order for me to during the assessment centre take on any position in the presentation.

I would like all work to use only the time allocated, as I feel it would be unnecessary to have the perfect finished copy, as they are looking for what can be done in the time not over a longer period. If that makes sense?

Lastly I have the briefs, which I will send through on your request, please be aware these are clear photos of the hard copy, as electronic copy are not available.

Hope you can help? I will upload the documents if you can help?

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