What Areas of the organization need changing and what changes are needed and why?

 Submit a well-organized 3-5 page double-spaced paper responding to the following:
Submit a paper on your “Transformation Leadership Strategy” in which you recommend an action
plan for managing/leading a functional area of your organization, or an organization with which
you are familiar.
The goal is to meet managerial organizational needs and/or improve performance. However, this
framework should reflect the needs of the 21st century workforce and fulfill the requirements of
the global/technological environment within which contemporary business exists.
These questions should be answered in your paper.
Paper Title: Transformation Leadership Strategy in Human Resources
 What Areas of the organization need changing and what changes are needed and why?
 The following must be considered:
– Participants in the change process
– Who are the competitors and what must the organization do to remain competitive?
– Sales and marketing strategy changes recommended
– Promoting Diversity strategy changes recommended
– Final Recommendations
 Models from text book
Paper must be APE style and format including cover page and proper reference page.
Text Book is “Organizational Change” 2007 McGowan Hill
ISBN 13:978-0-697-77522-1

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