What are the practical implementation steps to be taken If i decide to start using the evidence based management approach on my work place?

Paper details:
Please read the observations and answer each question seperately and with separate reference. Please have 1 reference for each question and don’t forget to add the heading of the question.

Successful decision making on our day to day work place management has strong link with the approaches and resources we use to make these decisions with or without our own awareness. Please enrich us with your valuable experience with thoughts and thought provoking ideas about the following:


There is new evidence based movement to the development of new management science that goes with the requirements of the 21st century.
Practitioners and researchers have often held stereotypical views of each other, with practitioners viewing researchers as interested only in methodological rigor whilst failing to concern themselves with anything in the real world, and researchers damning practitioners for embracing the latest fads, regardless of theory or evidence.
The Ž first, ‘ scientific inquiry’ or ‘ Mode 1’, follows the above physical-sciences model, whereby theoretical models are tested against empirical data, each successive study adding to previous Žfindings. This corresponds to Kuhn’s (1970) model of normal science.
The problem of scientific model in business schools. This model operated in mode 1 of knowledge production and assume business as academic discipline as geology or chemistry. In real life business is profession like other professions of medicine or law and business schools should be a profession school, (Bennis, W.G. & O’Toole, J. 2005).


Is there a gap between what each one of us know and been thought about the elegant management theories in business schools and what we practically do as managers?
How can evidence based management help me improve the quality of my managerial decision making on day to day bases on my work place?
Which approach is more relevant to my work place the scientifically rigorous or a practically useful approach?
When to use the scientifically rigorous approach?
What are the practical implementation steps to be taken If i decide to start using the evidence based management approach on my work place?

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