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The area of travel and hospitality covers the reasons people go to a place and this can be purely for leisure, for educational purposes, sometimes as a result of the need of medical attention, as well as eco-tourists. Unless you are told what you need to write about the hardest part can be choosing a topic for your paper. There will be lots of information on line so you can start looking for inspiration there.

Travel Topics:

Is a brand influential enough to encourage travelers to want to stay there?
What will be expected when travelers arrive at a budget hotel or even a hostel?
Will cultural differences be a help or hindrance and will they even matter when it comes to choosing a hotel room to stay in?

Are there special plans made for a honeymoon room, or are flowers and champagne enough?
Discuss the way that a western country will deal with the requirements of a hotel guest and then compare it with the actions taken in countries classed as developing. Samples of tourism
Medical – sometimes treatment is the only reason a person will visit a country, so the hotel room is bound to be the only thing they say and will want this to be as self-contained as possible.

Hospitality – this will show what it is like for staff in a large hotel that has a good reputation and lots of visitors. Few hotels will be able to satisfy customers from all over the world, so pick target countries and determine what they want and adhere to that.

Dark – this will be in relation to countries that do not have leisure tourism as there are reasons to stay away such as serious and incurable illness or long periods of unrest or war.

Ecotourism – understanding the way that a hotel can be environmentally friendly even when a lot of people are staying. Guests will appreciate long life lightbulbs, the chance to re-use towels and lights that go off when a room is unoccupied.

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