To what general ethical theme does this section pertain?

the health profession am choosing is health informatics profession. here is the website to the link for their code of ethics: ahima/bok1_024277.hcsp?dDocName=bok1_024277 you can ignore the instructions aout the 5 pages. also please stick to the instructions very closely and provide a thouhtful analysis of the article with the use of quality grammar. thanks The purpose of this assignment is to get you familiar with the code of ethics of your future profession; allow you to see how the profession’s official organization understandsitself, and so forth. This is also good preparation for your interview. Read through a code of ethics, preferably the code of ethics for your future profession or, if your future profession does not have one, a comparable one. Look for sections that deal with the following themes:the general goal or purpose of the profession; informed consent or truth; procedures for when the code has been violated; general understanding of the professional/client relationship; privacy/confidentiality; particular ethical debates (abortion, euthanasia, etc.); the public vs. the private; and so forth. You need not follow this list of themes strictly. You may deal with sections of the code that do not easily fit within one of the above themes, and you do not have to deal with all the themes. I am looking for quality of engagement, not necessarily quantity. It should be written commentary style. You should quote a section from the code, then give your interpretation of it. Possible questions to answer in your commentary include: To what general ethical theme does this section pertain? How do you understand it? Is it too vague or too restrictive? Is it practical? Are there any ethical assumptions underlying it? And so on. It should be a minimum of 5 pages in length. It will be graded according to the insight and quality of thought in the actual commentary, how well the rules of proper grammar and spelling are followed, and overall composition. For formatting use commonsense: Use reasonable margins, font type and size, make the distinction between the code of ethics and your commentary apparent, and have a reasonable ratio of code to commentary, i.e. 90% code and 10% commentary will not earn a good grade.

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