The essay I want you to write will be a reflection paper (meaning I need a two page reflection paper writen on the movie Race:

The essay I want you to write will be a reflection paper (meaning I need a two page reflection paper writen on the movie Race: The Power of an Illusion part 2 that was produced by California Newsreel and investigated race in society, science and history.
Release date: April 2003 (initial release)
Director: Christine Herbes-Sommers
Executive producer: Larry Adelman
Genre: Documentary
Production company: California Newsreel
Network: Public Broadcasting Service

) I will be looking for content, consistency, thesis statement, organization, focus, and citations of reading as well as technical aspects (proper citations, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.).
A strong essay includes:
– A clear introduction with a strong thesis statement (the introduction needs to be captivating and has to tie into the conclusion it needs to be clear where the paper is heading this is very important)
– Clearly written and focused paragraphs that have adequate development and purpose. And
where all ideas are fully developed and refined
– Similar ideas are grouped together
– Transitions in between changing ideas and points
– A strong conclusion that ties the paper together
– An introduction and a conclusion that match!
– Correct formatting
– 1 citations
– Proofreading!
Thesis statement: A thesis statement is just a fancy phrase for the main point of your paper. Nearly all types of academic writing need a central direction or point. Even if you plan on using many different kinds of examples, anecdotes, or pieces of evidence, you will want to make sure to bring them together under a clearly stated thesis statement somewhere in the beginning of your paper.

Headers for the Paper
Paper should be labeled with the following information on 1st page:
EC 1
WS: 332U Summer 2012
Please put name and page number on subsequent pages

Formatting: All papers will be double spaced, 12 point font like Times New Roman, with one inch margins. Minimum page # means FULL pages.

Citations: You should use an accepted academic citation style MLA format. You must make sure to include at the very least the authors name, the title of the work and the page number in any quote you use! If you do not cite sources properly I will not accept the paper. For the citations I will need a reference section example work sited, authors last name, first name, date, title, and exact page number and paragraph that you used. This is very important that I can find exactly were you got your sources from no exception if it is unclear at all I will not except the paper I need you to read the article very carefully you must cite the text completely.

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