The bribe is an ethical dilemma which have bad reputation for the person position [is it? how is it a dilemma?

Mohammad is 30 years old, he is known as being a very competent and skilled manager of Public Relations and marketing department in the ADGAZ patrol Company since 2007 .In this company there are more than 2000 employees that work in public relations section. Sara is an assistant of the Public Relations manager. She noticed that Mohammad given a bribe to an employee who works in a media company called towfour54 to let him have to steal a new logo that returned to his company [? G]. In this trend [?] both of them violates the law of copyrights [how? registered trade mark?]. It is the first time in this company that there is a deceitful manager. Mohammad violates the rule of his company because The bribe is an ethical dilemma which have bad reputation for the person position [is it? how is it a dilemma? is not the dilemma on A. the employee whether or not to accept the bribe or B. Sara as to whether or not to report him.]. Also, In this case it will jeopardize the assistant , and the company, and the society. What your decision if Sara complained to the head of the company about Mohamed’s behavior ?

This scenario is an ethical dilemma for Sara as to whether or not to report the matter.

– Scenario (( in this scenario that I attached(ABOVE) i need to edit it and there are comments also I want to begin with small introduction only one sentence before the scenario)
– Analysis in three different ways (first way : Deontology, second way: Utilitarianism, third way: Natural Rights)
3. after that i want a description that include the own opinion about this ethical dilemma.
4 .double space
5. font times Roman
6.follow these rules that shows in the attachments .
7.the essay will be marked such as that show in the attachments
8. 10 resources from Books and the others 10 from Journals, Library Database, Codes of Ethics/Conduct, Policies, Laws/Legislation-Court Cases, Government/Organization/Society Websites only.)
10. use an ethic

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