Style: simple, first-person, complex – does style match the subject material?

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that a book review is not a book report. Unlike a book report, a book review is critical. It provides a critical analysis of the ideas being discussed and presented by the author. A book report is merely a summary of the contents of the book, with no analysis or thoughtful opinions. Your assignment is review.
John Steckley (2007) White Lies About the Inuit; (Teaching Culture: Ethnographies for the Classroom). University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division; 1 edition.
In a two page, double spaced document please please briefly address the following:
Bibliographic information (title, author, publisher, date)
-Author information: qualifications, background, credentials
-The significance of the book title
-Brief summary or description of the content, thesis, or work overview
-Style: simple, first-person, complex – does style match the subject material?
-Strengths, weaknesses or best features.
-Purpose: how well did the author achieve his purpose?
-What impact might the book have?
-Did you agree with the conclusion? Why?

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