Journal articles

Working individually/in small teams*, select and critically review five articles on change management. From your critique of the articles, construct a conceptual model of change management and demonstrate how you might apply it in practice

What the examiner is looking for..
• Well structured and well written paper
• Robust academic content – drawing on the selected readings, lecture material and other sources
• Clear and logical arguments

 Robustness of review and critique (40)
 Change management model (30)
 Demonstration of practical application (15)
 References (5)
 Presentation, structure, writing style (10)

Journal articles

• A proposed model for evaluating the sustainability of continuous change
• Are change management strategies overrated
• Barriers to change
• Change Management-leadership values and ethics
• Change management-the road ahead
• Consulting organizational change cooperation
• Designing organizational change: Learning from a Grounded Research Project
• Do 70 per cent of all organizational change initiatives really fail
• Doomed to fail
• HBR Accelerating corporate transformations
• HBR Leading change
• HBR Managing change one day at a time
• HBR Mistakes leaders keep making
• Intervention and organizational change
• Multilevel readiness to organizational change
• Organizational Diagnosis
• Readiness for change
• Ready for a change

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