Is the movement towards human security a true paradigm shift?

Paper details:
Please read the Instructions carefully to avoid redoing the paper!!!
Use subheadings to set off the various sections of the paper, giving the subheadings a catchy title to let the reader know what’s in the section. Answer the following question in 4 pages excluding the reference page, use turabian style citation with NO footnotes. Please use the below references and do not use any outside references
I. Is the movement towards human security a true paradigm shift? In answering this question make sure to consider which of the authors whom you have read throughout the course to support your view and which do not. Below are all of the Authors.

How should you proceed with the assignment.

Thesis, Structure (well-organized), Evidence (use of class readings and videos in providing examples), Analysis and reflection (evidence is integrated into paragraphs; ideas are creative and thoughtful), Logic and main points (logical flow; use of counterarguments to show limits of thesis), Mechanics (sentence structure appropriate for class level; understandable and readable), Citations (Use of Turabian in-text citations with a References List)

Amouyel, Alexandra. “What is Human Security?.” The MiniAtlas of Human Security
The MiniAtlas of Human Security
United Nations, “Final Report of the Commission on Human Security” Chapter 1
Video: Human Security a New Response:

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Video : Mary Robinson, Global Food Systems:
Food Security.” World Health Organization. (accessed June 2, 2013).
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“Migrants in Times of Crisis: An Emerging Protection Challenge.” International Peace Institute.
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Walt, Stephen. “A grand new strategy for American Foreign Policy.” Boston Review, Feb. – Mar. 2005. (accessed June 2, 2013).
Week 3 Lesson Notes which includes Mary Kaldor’s response to Stephen Walt.
CFR Interactive Nigeria Security Tracker:
“Human Security, Climate Change and Environmentally Induced Migration.” Institute for Environment and Human Security.
Tipson, Frederick. “Natural Disasters as Threats to Peace.” United States Institute of Peace Chapter 4.
Yale University Environmental Performance Index:

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