identify one or two more thinkers from the list who would provide an additional perspective on the practical issue in question.

ttached quiz paper that has five questions, so I want you to read it peacefully.
1. there are two books I want you used and two documents that I have attached it, please used them when you do my order
2. if you use quotation, please write page number and the name of author
3. my ideas will focus of the Environment
1. To begin: Identify a pair of compatible figures with respect to something significant they address. So, for example, Frankfurt and Munitz (as both place great weight on individuals identifying for themselves what they most care about), or Frankfurt and Kant (an odd pair in that HF argues against Kant, but what about their focus on positive freedom), perhaps Zee and the Stoics (with thoughts about self-mastery), and so on. There’s no “right answer with regard to pairings: look for useful affinities and connections important ideas they might share in common. It’s fine if in many other ways they disagree (as with Frankfurt and Kant)

2. For the pair and topic that you have selected, provide a brief, clear account of what they would likely agree upon as an important consideration regarding the relationship of education and human flourishing. How do their perspectives complement one another and align?

3. With your findings in number 2 in mind, identify some aspect of current educational practices or school reform policies that the aligned thinkers help to call into question. What concerns do they help to raise about what is taking place, and/or what alternative vision of what should take place do they help to bring into view?

4. Once practical issues have come into view in number 3, dig a little deeper: identify one or two more thinkers from the list who would provide an additional perspective on the practical issue in question. What do they add to the mix? What new questions or complications come into view?

5. Finally, and briefly, at this point in the inquiry, where do you stand? What position or question regarding the topics at hand is most on your mind at this point?

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