Identify at least 2 revelations or things you learned from reading the article.

Select a **social and behavioral sciences journal article from the last 5 years that addresses treatment for eating disorders.

Based on your reading, address the following:

1. Briefly summarize the key points or conclusions of the article.
2. Identify at least 2 revelations or things you learned from reading the article.
3. State at least 1 question that the article triggered for you about the issues covered in the article.
4. Give the full citation for the article in proper APA style.
5. Please make it clear what new things you learned from the article.
6 Once again please addresses treatment for sexual or gender identity disorders.
7. Please put what new things did you learn and what questions did raise for you?

**A “social and behavioral sciences journal” means a reputable scientific journal—-NOT a website, newspaper article, magazine article, etc. This means that you will need to search the resources of the Walden online library and similar sources to find suitable professional, scientific writings in the social and behavioral sciences.

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