How media portray (Vodafone) through magazines and newspapers ?

Hello 🙂

Write 3 -5 pages about Vodafone’s public relations activities.

Before the activities, you should provide an executive (summery) about the organization.
It would be an asset if you copy a sample of their print, online activities.

Activities may involve:

1- Press releases
2- Press conferences
3- Events
4- Media publicity of an event
5- Online activities
6- Media relations
7- Government relations
8- Feature stories
9- Newsletters
10- Employee activities
11- Public relations advertising

Also answer the following questions through the paper:
* How media portray (Vodafone) through magazines and newspapers ?
* Test how people view this brand ?
* What is the public opinion ?
* How they maintain their relationship with the customers ?
* Who do they target in their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs? What events ? activities they do?

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