How is this case an example of the government providing a public good? Or is it?

1.) Who are the major stakeholders (those affected by the decision to
proceed with the Bay of Pigs invasion AND those in a position to
influence the policy/decision)? What organizations, agencies, and/or
branches of government do they work for? What are there levels of

2. Explain the stakeholders? primary values? Think in terms of equity,
efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.

3. How is this case an example of the government providing a public
good? Or is it?

4. Discuss some of the positive and/or negative externalities in this case?

The ill-fated, 1962, CIA-backed, Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba provides
an excellent vehicle for examining public sector organizations from
behavioral and policy analysis perspectives.

For an overview of the motivations and values which impacted policy
and decision making during the Bay of Pigs, go to some of the
following web pages and review some of the background, documents,
reports, oral recordings, and opinions related to this event:

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