How is the Rhetorical Triangle (audience, speaker and situation) affected when the location of the presentation is online?

The Rhetorical Triangle and Online Presentations
Based on your earlier analysis of video presentations and the Rhetorical Triangle, write a 3-4 paragraph opinion essay answering the following question:
How is the Rhetorical Triangle (audience, speaker and situation) affected when the location of the presentation is online?
For example, consider the following questions:
• How can the speaker create a connection with an online audience (especially if the speaker cannot be seen)?
• How are audience reactions and distractions different in an online presentation?
• Situation also includes the topic as well as the location. How does the online location affect the choice and effectiveness of the topic?

Create a draft of your PowerPoint presentation on a topic of personal interest including visual aids and proper citations. Follow these steps to complete your assignment:
1. Create the a draft of your PowerPoint slides, including title and content slides, ending with 1–2 slides of reference materials.
2. On the notes of the first slide, indicate what technologies, setting, and audience would be ideal for this presentation.
3. Add appropriate visual aids to the presentation.
4. In the notes area, describe the rationale supporting your visual aids as well as other visual aids you considered and the reason(s) you rejected them.
5. Add speaker’s notes to each slide, including any technology and other visual aids necessary.
6. The content slides should contain updated in-text citations along with the text and visual aids.
7. Update your citations and reference list as needed.
8. Be sure to cite all references in APA format.
Instructor Comments: Unit-2 Topic: History of the Internet
We are ready to move to Unit 3, which does for your PowerPoint [“PPT”] what Unit 2 did for your Full-sentence Preparation Outline. The PowerPoint is based on information in the approved Unit 2 outline, NOT on a different topic. (The topic must meet the guidelines in the rubric in the Unit 2 Assignment List—Non- Career Related topics only, please!).. Please note that your PPTX should have no more than 8 slides [ 6 slides of content, 1 title slide, and 1 reference slide]. While the assignment details state your presentation should be 10-15 minutes, YOU will only be required to delivery a 6-7 minute presentation…….

However, the outline itself does not go on the PowerPoint, which should not use the outline format. Please review Chapter 13, which focuses on Visual Aids. Especially important are pages 285 – 295, which focus on “Using PowerPoint.” PowerPoint is a delivery system for visual aids and should contain a variety of visual aids, not just words and not the Unit 2 outline itself. However, the PowerPoint should NOT contain animation, video or sound since these will not work in the chat room.

Please read the very detailed project rubrics (project breakdowns and points) in the Assignment List for Unit 3 or in the Instructor’s Files toward the end of this page. They contain very specific explanations of the PPT requirements and will help projects earn points by adhering to the project specifications.

Decorative clip art should be avoided as suggested in the textbook. At least one graph—line graph, bar graph or pie chart–must be included with the visual aid if applicable to your topic. These should help to explain your facts. In addition, photos, maps, drawings, diagrams, flowcharts and other non-clip-art visual aids should be used to help to clarify the topic.

All visual aids should be justified as explained in the “Visual Aids” Live Chat Session and PPT in the Instructor’s Files toward the end of this page. Remember that “Visual Aids” are not just something to look at—they also must “aid” or help the audience understand a point that might be unclear.

The PPT will not generate a SIMSCORE, and this is why it should use information from the Unit 2 full-sentence outline on an approved topic, which does generate a SIMSCORE. Please do not change topics and do not put the entire outline or outline markers in the PPT.

The “speaker’s notes” beneath each slide should contain everything that will be said about each slide and justification for each visual aid as explained in the “Visual Aids and PowerPoint” PPT in the Instructor’s Files. They are for the Unit 3 IP only and you will use these notes as you begin your unit 4 presentation delivery in class.

Your PowerPoint is submitted to the Submitted Assignments area as the Unit 3 IP. Please note that “content slides” does not mean a Table of Contents, which should not be included in the PPT. “[C]ontent slides” refers to the slides that contain the content of the PPT, in other words, all of the slides except for the title slide and the 1 – 2 References slides.

The title slide must include the title of the presentation (not the assignment number), your name, the date of your presentation and the course number. In addition, it should contain an image related to the topic to get the audience’s attention.

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