How is Enkidu like or unlike Adam in Gen 2-3? (1 paragraph).

Read carefully the introduction, text, and commentary on the stories of Gilgamesh that is posted. Note that parallels to the Biblical text are noted in parentheses in the margins, and note that most of the parallels are found in Gen 2-3 (the account of Adam and Eve) and Gen 6-9 (the Flood account). It would be helpful also to read Gen 2-3 and 6-9 before beginning this assignment.

After you have done the reading, answer the following questions.A "paragraph" is at least 4-5 sentences and requires evidence of thought and substantive comprehension of the subject matter. please use simple wording. Note that this is not an essay, this is a coursework, so just answer each question separately.

(1) Who is Enkidu and how is he portrayed? (1 paragraph).

(2) How is Enkidu like or unlike Adam in Gen 2-3? (1 paragraph).

(3) How does Gilgamesh respond to the death of his friend Enkidu? (1-2 sentences)

(4) Who is Utnapishtim? Briefly summarize Utnapishtim’s account of the flood (1 paragraph).

(5) Give at least 3 similarities and 3 differences between Utnapishtim’s account of the flood with the Genesis account (Gen 6-9). Hint: note the references to Gen 6-9 in the margins.

(6) How does the account of Gilgamesh conclude?

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