How does the article apply to your own interests and beliefs and what did you learn?

MGT 382- Organizational Management tex book DARFT, RICHER 10 edition 2012
Mini-Project No. 2

Due No later than 5:00 PM, Monday, March 4

Please submit this assignment using the Assignment folder provided:

Project Purpose:

To become acquainted with Internet Resources that are designed specifically for business managers.
To complete independent research around the topics of organizational management and workforce diversity.
This assignment is intended to apply to the concepts and information discussed in Chapter 13 – Managing Diversity. You may want to read ahead to familiarize yourself with the content of this chapter before completing this assignment

Meeting the Challenge of Diversity

Step 1:

Using three (3) separate Internet search resources that feature short articles about workforce diversity and challenges managers face in any industry or business sector, find three different articles that are of specific interest to you.

Example Resource:

This website features a wide range of links to virtually any subject you might wish to research. It is well organized, updated continuously, and exceptionally useful in a variety of areas, including Management and Cultural Diversity. Once you have accessed the homepage, search for sites that deal with managing diverse workforces, cultural diversity and general business management. Look for an interesting article to critique that meets the criteria explained under Step 2.

Once you have selected your first article using the first search resource, find two more resources from which you can extract similar articles. I recommend for those of you who are unfamiliar with search resources that you start with Google or Yahoo by simply typing into the search window "managing diverse employees". You may be surprised by the wealth of management resources available.

Step 2:

Select one article from each of the three resources you have found that are of specific interest to you and your current or anticipated field of work. Feel free to use as a starting point, then select two more resources like it. Be sure to save all resources you find by bookmarking them appropriately for future reference. Use the following guidelines in the selection of your articles:

Each article must be related in some way to workforce diversity and management issues that arise from dealing with diverse employee resources .
Each article must be current, having been published within the last 12 months.
Select articles that include the author’s opinions or views regarding the subject about which you can draw your own favorable or unfavorable conclusions
Step 3:

Summarize each of the three (3) articles you have found.

For each article you select, summarize the information contained in it. Please use the following format for your written analysis of each article. All submissions will be assessed for critical analysis and clarity.

Identification :

Title, Source by Name of Publication and URL (Website Location), and Date


What is/are the major theme(s) and/or key points identified in the article?

Critical Analysis:

Compare, contrast or state your opinion about the article’s key points or themes. Include fact, data, logic and sound reasoning to support your analysis. Integrate business management concepts and vocabulary as well as relevancy to your own current or future career. How does the article apply to your own interests and beliefs and what did you learn?


Be sure to put your Name and Course ID (MGT 380) on your work. Please complete this paper as a ".doc", ".rtf", or ".txt" file, save it to your hard drive in a file separate from Blackboard, and then submit it within the assignment tool provided inside Blackboard.

The text of your paper must be at least three pages long,

Be thoughtful and complete in all of your responses. Maximum points will be awarded based upon the diet.

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