How did this Custom come to be?


The purpose of this essay is to convey to your audience why Customs should not be blindly followed. Certain Customs are in effect because they are handed down from generation to generation but do not necessarily apply to today societal needs.


Choose an American Custom to question. Historicize this Custom and make an argument for why and how it should be revised.

In a thesis driven, argumentative essay, argue why your chosen Custom be revised (replaced, altered, substituted, etc) to fit into todayàs society. Using your own personal research, address this issue in an objective manner without using any personal narrative.

Points of Emphasis:
Contextualize/Historicity the Custom- Provide context for your audience
How did this Custom come to be? Why did it become a Custom?
This should not be the basis of your argument. You are writing an argumentative essay not an informational essay so you should not spend more than a full paragraph on this.
Counter Argument- This is an argumentative essay. You are not informing your audience of a Custom. In order to guide your essay (and your audience) provide a counter argument thesis and paragraph to ensure that your topic has enough controversy to make it worthy of discussion.
Form/Structure/Organization- Keep your audience in mind. Ensure that you are writing a well organized essay which contains well supported topic sentences which tie back to your thesis. Provide transition words and sentences to ensure that your audience can see a logical sequence in your argument.
Sources- Your essay needs the support of credible sources to make your points arguable. Use sources available to you in the Oviatt Library. You will be allowed to use ONE website, which must be approved by me (Websites in the .edu, .gov, and .org domains have a higher possibility of being approved).
Critical Thinking- It is eminent that you showcase your voice. Ensure that your point is being made by you. Your voice should prevail throughout the essay. Your sources are there to provide support, not to speak for you.


• 4-6 Double Spaced Pages
• Adherence to all MLA guidelines
• 4-6 Credible Sources
• Times New Roman Font
• 12pt Font Size

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