How did Elie’s view of his Jewish faith change/transform?

firt of all please have in mind that my primary language is spanish…
Critical Analysis: Write a brief, detailed essay that analyzes transformation in Night. Analyze only ONE: 1. How did either of the Elie change? 2. How did his father change? 3. How did the father-son relationship change? or 4. How did Elie’s view of his Jewish faith change/transform? -you must cite specific scenes from the book that shows the stages of transformation-you must use MLA FORMAT-only use the book as a source. NO OUTSIDE sources i have to gives pages numbers from the example from which i get it for … for example the transformation of the religion when he started to question it in page 42. another one of eliezer is that at the beginning he was naive curious in pg4 and after he wasnt. another example is when he had a tatoo in his hand of numbers pg42 so he is no longer elie bot a7713

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