Express this thesis as a complete thought in a single-sentence, declarative thesis statement.

This assignment requires you to research a global, national, regional, state or local problem that apparently exists because humans in general or a specific group of humans are neglecting their duty to promote the things God values in this world. (See the Alban text, chapter 5 for more about the things God values.)

• The problem may be political, economic, educational, environmental, medical, religious, or cultural. It may be a false belief or set of beliefs (about God, nature, or other people) that needs correction, a wrongful attitude or type of attitude (toward God, nature, or other people) that needs adjustment, a neglectful or wrong way of acting (toward God, nature, or other people) that needs to change, or a state of needfulness or brokenness that exists as it does because of human indifference or inactivity.

• The problem must be a social one—a problem, that is, that deters many individuals, not just a few isolated lives, from experiencing life as God, according to His Word, meant it to be experienced when He created us.

The topic that I have chosen and please use the above requirements to create a speech about Marriage and Divorce.

Basic Requirements: For your persuasive speech, you are required to:

(1) Research credible sources for information about your topic
(2) Form a thesis (a statement that argues for a position) for your speech in the light of what your research discloses
(3) Express this thesis as a complete thought in a single-sentence, declarative thesis statement
(4) Choose the information from your research that most powerfully delivers the type of information that this thesis statement requires
(5) Present this information in a logically sequenced outline of properly documented main points, sub-points, and perhaps even sub-sub-points, using the Informative Speech Outline Template document as your formatting guide. Your outline, in its final form, will serve as the blueprint that you mentally must follow while extemporaneously delivering the recorded speech to your audience.

Also need an Outline created as follows:

Outline Parts:

• The introduction must list, in order, your attention-fetter, credibility statement, thesis statement, and preview statement.

• The body must include two to five main points, each with supportive sub points and perhaps even sub-sub points, consisting mainly of documented examples, illustrations, statistics, quotations from experts, etc. that you have derived from the four or more expert sources that this project requires.

• The conclusion must include a summary statement, a call to action, and a concluding element that refocuses the audience’s attention on the thesis.

• The Works Cited (MLA) page must properly credit your sources and must do so in the format prescribed by MLA.

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