Explaining to the hearer what you are doing, and introducing your text:

: Explaining to the hearer what you are doing, and introducing your text: what is it, and the source of the text.

II. The Text:
Insert the text. Number the lines of the text.

III. The Analysis:
In this section, you present your analysis using examples to illustrate each point. Examples will be single-spaced, followed by line numbers in parentheses. Each example will be followed by an elaborate and clear explanation (write full sentences).

IV. Interpretation of Findings: Summarizing the findings and linking them to the purpose and context of text.

V. Report on process of project (To be handed in to teacher- Not presented): Division of work, process of selecting text and approach, process of analysis., difficulties, and recommendations, evaluating the process in general.
I. Introduction:
We are analyzing two conversations from the movie “You’ve Got Mail” and we are going to show how Grice’s maxims of conversation are being followed or flouted and violated in the chosen conversations.

II. The Text:
In this movie, the owner of a large bookstore chain (Joe Fox) starts putting the owner of a small local bookstore (Kathleen Kelly) out of business.

Meanwhile, Kathleen and Joe have been corresponding over the internet, under the nicknames of (Shopgirl, NY152) respectively, without knowing who either of them is. ………………..

•The Participants:

•Kathleen Kelly is the owner of a little and famous bookstore for children’s books that she inherited from her mother Cecilia Kelly. Suddenly, the opening of Fox Books discount store just around the corner endangers her business.

•Joe Fox is the son of the owner of the large bookstore chain Fox Books. His grandfather Schuyler Fox has once dated Kathleen’s mother Cecilia Kelly whom he described as an “Enchanting” woman.

•The setting:
Joe was spending the day with Annabel and Matt (the children of his grandfather and father, respectively), Joe enters Kathleen’s store to let his younger relatives experience storytime. Joe and Kathleen have a friendly conversation that reveals Kathleen’s fears about the Fox Books store opening around the corner, shocking Joe. He introduces himself as "Joe. Just call me Joe",

•The Script
1 ANNABEL: I want all of them.
2 KATHLEEN: That might be an awful lot for your 3dad to buy at one time.
4 ANNABEL: My dad gets me all the books I want.
5 KATHLEEN (looking over at Joe): Well, that is very 6nice of him.
7 ANNABEL: That is not my dad. That is my nephew
8 KATHLEEN: Oh, I do not really think that is your 9nephew=


III. The Analysis:
Do not just report one what you see line by line. Group and categorize features you observe in the text relevant to the approach you are using. Talk it over with your group and agree on the most effective way of presenting your findings. Here is the way you site an example in the body of the analysis:
– Sometimes, a maxim seems to be flouted by a participant as conceived by the other participant:

ANNABEL: That’s not my dad. That’s my nephew.
KATHLEEN: Oh, I don’t really think that’s your nephew= (Lines 5, 6)
Although to Kathleen, Annabel seems to have flouted the maxim of quality but she is actually following all the maxims. What she says is clear, true, brief and relevant.

Sometimes, when people are in a strong emotional state, they speak driven by passion without paying attention to or observing Grice’s maxims of a conversation:
ANNABEL: What is that?
(They move to the cashier counter where George – the cashier- is standing)
KATHLEEN (while standing behind the counter): A handkerchief. Oh my, do children not even know what handkerchiefs are? A handkerchief is a Kleenex you don’t throw away. (Lines 11-16)

When Kathleen answers Annabel’s question "What is that" -referring to the handkerchief-, she flouts the maxim of relation and quantity; She should just identify the handkerchief but she exceeds to talk with passion about her own handkerchief which was made by her mother and what that symbols on it means to her. …….

IV. Interpretation of Findings:
In one or two paragraphs, link the findings you presented and discussed in the previous section to the genre, purpose of the text, or indicate the significance of the linguistic characteristics you have reported in the overall value of the literary text (If you are analyzing a literary text).

V. Process:
Looking back and reflecting on the whole experience from the beginning until the end and writing this down will help you a great deal, and will help me too.
Talk about how you, as a group, chose the text, how you chose the approach, the task of each of the members, difficulties you have encountered. Also suggest ways of improving this project to enhance its educational benefit.

We need to present it in 10 minutes only, not more or less

Check attachments for the paper’s instructions. what’s above is for the presentation.Also if

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