Explain why you think each control fits into its category (e.g. what makes it a market control)?

The result of a massive merger in 1998, as well as subsequent acquisitions, Citigroup is one of the premier financial services companies to date. The company has 200 million customer accounts in 100 countries worldwide. Citigroup’s 300,000 employees are charged with carrying forward a legacy of service, integrity, and leadership.

Familiarize yourself with Citigroup (http://www.citigroup.com/citi/) and its services by examining the Website.

1- Identify the attitude that management at Citigroup is taking toward control efforts at the company.
2- Identify two examples of each of the following Citigroup controls: Bureaucratic, Market, Clan. Briefly explain why you think each control fits into its category (e.g. what makes it a market control)?
3- Identify at least two controls (from any of the three categories) that are imposed by the government or outside sources.

Write a response that analyzes Citigroup’s approach to managerial controls, and be sure to answer each of the questions .

Your thoughtful input should reflect application of concepts studied and should reflect proper use of English grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, and paragraph structure.

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