Explain why the post is “good” (why it is important, useful, insightful, etc.

4 SEPARATE REPLIES AND TO THIS ATTACHED POST. 1/4 PARAGRAPH EACH IS more than PLENTY. THANK.Required Replies: You must reply to at least 4different peers per prompt. Your replies should build on the concept discussed, offer a question to consider, or add a differing perspective, etc. Rather than responding with, “Good post,” explain why the post is “good” (why it is important, useful, insightful, etc.). Or, if you disagree, respectfully share your alternative perspective. Just saying “I agree” or “Good idea” is not sufficient for the posts you would like graded.Flynn, W. J., Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., & Langan, P. J. (2007). 2nd edition. Healthcare Human Resource Management. Madison, Ohio: Thompson, South-Western.

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