Explain what data you collected (e.g., number of cars registered at UT) and where you obtained this data and its purpose and implication(s).

So this is a marketing research project to measure customer satisfaction among University of Tampa students in regards to “adventure travel”. I have attached a copy of the questionnaire (survey) that was completed by 150 (university of Tampa) students on campus. Basically i walked around campus and handed out the survey to willing students. If you have any questions plz ask me!! below is the required written part

Explain how you collected all the primary and secondary data (not used in previous section) for this report. This includes the steps and procedures (details will be in the Appendix) you followed to get your data. Below is just a list of the topics and operational procedures you MUST include in this section:

Clearly state your population and explain what type of sampling procedure was used. Provide information about your research participants including how many people/organizations participated (i.e., number for interviews, focus groups, survey sample size) in your research and a bit about their background characteristics (e.g. age, ethnicity, gender, revenue, etc.). The purpose of this section is to give the reader a profile of your research participants. Be sure to indicate how your actual sample size compared to your desired sample size. Be sure to address what was done, how it was done, and why it was done.

Here you describe the development of your questionnaire and how it will be analyzed. Specific details including the actual questionnaire are listed in the Appendix. Explain how the survey was developed including relevance of the secondary data and focus group results. Address how participants were pre-screened for appropriateness and recruited. Explain if incentives were used to recruit participants.

For each data collection methodology you must specify in great detail how you collected the data. For example, if using a survey, you might first send an email announcing that a survey is forthcoming, send the survey, follow-up within two weeks of those who have not responded with a reminder email/phone call, et cetera.

Secondary Data:
Explain what data you collected (e.g., number of cars registered at UT) and where you obtained this data and its purpose and implication(s).

Specify the measures and/or materials (if any) used in this research. Materials might be letters, sample advertisements, logo designs, or brochures (also include in Appendix).

Variables and Measures:
Create a table of operational definitions of your variables (and list in the Appendix) that states how you define a variable for purposes of this research. For example, “customer satisfaction” with a restaurant can be defined as satisfaction for a particular service encounter, over a period of time, or with specific components of the service encounter (e.g., the meal, wait staff, restroom cleanliness). You could also average responses on each component to form a global measure of satisfaction. The survey question, and data analysis, must then be consistent with this definition. Naturally some variables (e.g., gender) typically do not need further explanation

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