Explain their development and investigate the circumstances of fame.

You are responsible for reporting on a famous adult from an under-represented population from anywhere in the world. This individual may be a historical figure, an artist, poet, author, etc. You must apply course concepts, (Erikson, Piaget, Schaie, Neugarten, Peck, etc.), explain their development and investigate the circumstances of fame. For example George Washington Carver was an interesting individual to investigate and you might write….According to Erikson, George Washington Carver achieved generativity during his middle adult years. This is evidenced by the number of programs and scholarships that he donated his time and money… The report should include references cited at the end of the paper, APA format. The key for this paper regarding APA format is that you label it as a reference section. Not a works cited page or bibliography page. It is a REFERENCE PAGE! While this is an informal paper and does not necessitate a title page or running head an appropriate reference page is expected.

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