. Evaluate these arguments conclusions thoughtfully, making sure to stay close to the text to evaluate only that which is explicitly stated in the texts we have read.

Due: Friday, June 13 (before the clock strikes night), via email

Note: I will respond to your email to let you know that I have received the paper. If you have not received a response from me by Saturday morning, you must email me to make sure I have received your paper.

Note: To ensure that I can read your paper, please make sure you send it in either .doc (Word) or .pdf format. If you choose to send me a rough draft, please send it in .doc (Word) format (it will be much easier for me to give you specific comments that way). Finally, please name your document in the following manner: YourLastName – PHL 248 Final.doc (or .pdf).

For your final paper, I would like you to write an argumentative paper, 6 pages in length,

1. The second half of our class this quarter was devoted primarily to two very different thinkers, Karl Marx Henri Bergson, to the ways in which each asks us to rethink the nature of society (in itself in its relation to the individuals that constitute it). Please choose one of these two thinkers (Marx or Bergson) write a paper in which you: 1). Explain the author’s arguments conclusions as clearly thoroughly as possible 2). Evaluate these arguments conclusions thoughtfully, making sure to stay close to the text to evaluate only that which is explicitly stated in the texts we have read. Needless to say, the first portion of this prompt is by far the more important – which means you should probably devote more of your paper to fulfilling it. Your first task is to display your understing of the text through a careful reconstruction (in your own words, of course) of its main arguments conclusions. Your evaluation will be based upon this work, should do more than simply agree or disagree with the author’s argument. Don’t just tell me your opinion! Find a bit of reasoning you find to be particularly convincing or unconvincing make a er-argument or explain what you find to be valuable in one of the author’s arguments give examples that seem to illustrate an argument’s validity or render it problematic – whatever you do, stay close to the text, give yourself time to think, be creative!

Whichever paper you choose to write, it must include the following elements:

• It must include an introductory paragraph, a concluding paragraph, several well-organized body paragraphs.
• Your introductory paragraph must include a thesis statement, which presents to your reader the argument you will be making throughout your paper. As such, it cannot simply be a statement, but must state your argument.
• You must make use of properly-cited quotations from the text.
• Your paper must employ proper spelling grammar throughout. Please edit.

Note: The paper must be at least 5-6 pages in length. The assignment cannot be completed in less than five full pages (I will not accept 4¾ – you should really aim to, at the very least, get onto the sixth page) may very well take more (though I’d prefer you try not to exceed 6-7 pages). A paper that only makes it to a full five pages because certain space-taking techniques have been employed will not be ed as a five-page paper. Do not double-space your heading do not more than one empty line between your heading your title, or between your title your introductory paragraph. As was written in the syllabus, your paper must be: typed double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1.0-inch margins on the top bottom, no more than 1.25-inch margins on the left right. Please number your pages.

It cannot be said enough: Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understing of the texts read for class by reconstructing several arguments (in the manner discussed above) in your own words. This does not mean that you cannot quote the text. If you do, please make sure that the quotation does not simply st alone in your own text, please be sure to always cite your source. For this paper, citations should take the following form: “Quotation” (Author’s last name, page number). For example, “Logical co-ordination is essentially economy” (Bergson, 15). In the case of Marx, however, please use the following form (since we read two texts of his): (VFA, page number) for quotations from the “Value-Form Appendix” (Capital, page number) for quotations from Capital.

I will be happy to review rough drafts or outlines, though they must be sent to me no later than 72-hours before the deadline. You may also bring your questions or rough drafts to the Writing Center, the contact information for which is listed in the syllabus.

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