Evaluate these and propose tentative solutions that reflect your own understanding about it.

Reflective Essay
Reflective paper focuses on the writer’s learning experience itself and attempts to identify the significance and meaning of a given learning experience primarily for the learner (see Dee Fink 2003: 116-117 for more details on reflective writing). In this paper I would like the students to write analytically, and carefully reflect on a particular topic/issue of interest covered in the class. For example, you may wish to explore the issue of "political participation." First, explain the meaning of political participation, outline briefly its major factors that encourage it and the challenges to political participation, and summarize what the current thinking is on it concerning say, Canada. Then, evaluate these and propose tentative solutions that reflect your own understanding about it. Make sure you use scholarly reference materials. List your references at the end of the essay. Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for this paper. Within the paper, referencing should be author (date) or author (date, pp. ##) or (author, date, pp. ##). Consider the following example: Kent (1999) criticized the work of James (1998, pp. 220-221) by referring to the Sapir-Wolf thesis (Smith, 1980, p. 5). The last page of your paper will contain a list of the references you have used. These should be listed as follows:

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