Does the light seem to come from any particular location or is it diffuse and all-over?

describe four elements about the painting [Susanna and the Elders,1564 by Jan Massys ]

The composition
Discuss the major elements of form in the image. What are the horizontal lines? How about the verticals? Diagonals? Any prominent triangles, circles, or squares? What lines or shapes catch the eye the most?

The picture space
Is the represented space flat or deep (is there recession into depth or does your eye stays on the surface? Is the horizon line high or low? Does a panoramic view suggest limitless space and thus freedom? Might a view from above looking down emphasize depth and therefore power? An omniscient point of view?

The color
What are the dominant colors in the image? Does one color link several areas of the picture? Does an important object blend in with or stand out from the surroundings? Do the colors seem symbolic in some way? For example, does a color suggest nature or sexuality?

The lighting
What are the brightest areas of the image? The darkest? Does the light seem to come from any particular location or is it diffuse and all-over? Is there an object that is brightly lit or in shadow? What about the rest of the image?

Present a formal description of your work. Use the description that you write while at the museum as the basis of this section of the paper. It is helpful to refer to Sylvan Barnett’s A Short Guide to Writing About Art (New York: Harper Collins College Publishers, 2009) for this section of your paper.

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