Does author utilize concepts from readings to analyze the text?

write an essay about it, you must use the reading as sources to support your essay, which means no outside sources needed.

note: M.A.C cosmetics Barbie in 2007. Barbie’s face and body shape had huge influences toward people, especially female. Barbie doll which gave us an idea of perfect, fashionable figure. This message implemented into people mind and made them believe that was the perfect body shape. When we look close to the make up on Barbie, it was beautiful and unique. It also shown the effectiveness among the people. Therefore, M.A.C wanted to use this idea of beauty to create an attractive look for female by using their products.

1) Introduction: set the scene and state your thesis: What is your main argument? Preview your two main points. Your analysis should deal with key issues of the course (power, identity, culture)? [1-2 paragraphs]
2) Describe your text. Assume your reader hasn’t seen it, so spend a paragraph just describing the text you are analyzing. Give the reader sensorial details that help your reader ‘picture’ the text. Consider evoking multiple senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, sound). [1 paragraph]
3) Section I: Analyze, deconstruct, and critically read the text. Your tools include: identifying and analyzing binaries; the production of difference; the production of hierarchies; the production of norms; naturalization of norms and hierarchies. Be sure to provide evidence and examples from the text to support your argument. [the bulk of your paper is here, about 1 page]
4) Section II: Incorporate at least one concept from the reading (hegemony, ideological, ‘system of differences,’ representation, exceptionalism, etc—any concept, you choose!). Define and apply the concept to your critical reading of the text. Cite the reading using MLA format. [2 paras]
5) Conclusion: restate thesis; review two main points.

Here is some of the questions you need to think of in this essay

What is assumed to be natural, just and right?
What/who do these assumptions distort or obscure?
How are power relations made to appear normal or good? What negative aspects are excluded?
Look for binaries: good/evil, natural/unnatural, tame/wild, young/old. Which term of the binary is privileged—and what is repressed/devalued?
What people, classes, areas of life are silenced?
What cultural assumptions or ‘myths’ shape the text?
How does the style contribute to the text’s meaning?

• Your paper should be 2 pages double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman. Use MLA for citations.
• Your paper should be organized: it should be easy follow your line of thinking.
Your paper should listed as 1.intro, 2.describe….
• Use good argumentation skills: support your claims with evidence from your text and provide good reasoning for your arguments.

Rubric: these are the criteria by which your paper will be evaluated

Text: does the author describe and/or provide pictures of the text and justify it as a compelling object of study?
Concept/s: Does author utilize concepts from readings to analyze the text? Does analysis bring new light to our understanding of key course concepts (i.e. culture, power, ideology, representation, identity…).
Analysis: Does the author use evidence and/or examples from the text to support claims? Do the ideas build on each other in a logical manner?
Organization: do build ideas and arguments build on one another in a well-organized manner? Does the author frame arguments and use transitions between sections?
Depth/creativity (clarity, complexity, voice): Do we “hear” the author’s voice? Is there a coherent thesis statement and strong conclusions? Are ideas and analysis sufficiently complex?
Grammar: Does author use appropriate grammar, language, and spelling? Are sources properly cited?

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