Do you know anything about the school meals in your school district?

answer the following questions completely., this is a discussion board, no title page needed just answer the questions and use references at the end. I will expand on question 2 about farm to school so don’t wory about that part of question.
1. The research discussed in the two posted articles show how events that the mothers could not control ended up having an impact on their children’s life-long health. What was learned from these two pieces of research, and how can what was learned in that research be useful for expectant mothers?

2. Do you know anything about the school meals in your school district? What do you know about the Farm to School movement? As you see it, what are both the benefits and the barriers to a school lunch program of the type recommended in the TED Talk titled “What’s wrong with school lunches?”

3. In addition to reduced appetite, what are specific challenges to maintaining nutrition for elders? What are some ways that improved nutritional intake and nutrient absorption can be supported in elderly people?
here are the articles.

WWII Baby Study: Famine in Utero Has an Effect on the Aging Brain

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