Do you believe Congress will pass any type of legislation on gun control/safety measures?

please do your best , thank you, The main question to be addressed in your paper is “What should Congress do, if anything, regarding gun control/safety measures?” Your paper should include answers to the following questions: 1. What are the arguments on each side of the gun control debate? 2. How does the American public view issues on gun control? (Use polling data and other statistics from sources such as or Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, among others. 3. What kinds of activities are planned by gun rights activists and by gun rights opponents to advance their agendas on how to combat gun violence? 4. There are a number of bills before Congress that are being considered. One seeks to funnel $800 million into enhanced school safety systems. Another bill would make “straw purchases” – the buying of firearms for someone legally prohibited from doing so – a felony and would increase penalties for the crime. A third piece of legislation requires universal background checks for purchasing firearms. The fourth, calls for a ban on high-capacity magazines and military style assault weapons like the Bushmaster rifle used in Newtown. Other measures also might be introduced. Which of these measures, if any, do you think Congress should support? Do you believe Congress will pass any type of legislation on gun control/safety measures? i will also upload the instruction and Some research materials, You will need to do some additional research on Google for poll data on American’s views about gun control, activities planned to advance the agenda of each group, and political support of current Congressional legislation. remember , you need a intro with clear thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion for the essay.

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