Do you agree or disagree with the perspectives we studied?

1. 950-1050 words
2. Thesis or main idea. This should not be a summary, rather you should react
to the readings and films by developing a thesis or main idea about
environmental issues that compares the two religions we studied: Hinduism and
American Indian traditions.
To develop a thesis consider: What issue(s) did the readings and films
raise for you? Do you agree or disagree with the perspectives we studied?
Why or why not?
So for example: “Religions that view rivers as sacred are more likely to
engage in environmental activism” or “American Indian worldviews are
more environmentally friendly than Hinduism.” You would go on to
illustrate this, using examples and quotes from the readings and films.
3. Specific references. You must make specific references to the
readings/films and incorporate brief quotes with page numbers or urls in
parentheses. You should include at least 5 examples or short quotes with page
numbers or title in parentheses.

You should not use any outside sources for this paper, only course readings and films. You must include examples or quotes from at least 5 of the following sources:

examples or quotes from BBC readings on Hinduism
example or quote from the Lynn White article
example or quote from Haberman Pt. 1
example or quote from Haberman Pt. 2
example from the film “Spirit and Nature”
example from the film “330 Million Gods”
example from the salmon readings and/or film

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