Do they see money as an end in itself or a means to something else?

This is the prompt of this essay from my professor: “Consider how women handle wealth in 1-2 of the following: Sakuntala, The Merchant of Venice, “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale,” The Tales of the Heike. How does it relate to their sexual power? What does it indicate about their position in marriage or society at large? Do they see money as an end in itself or a means to something else? if the latter, a means to what?” I picked the story Sakuntala, and the merchant of Venice to get my thesis statement. And I talked to my professor and she gave me more specific instructions and wrote me: “start with intro that establishes historical reasons women got married: social expectations, money, convenience. But in the merchant of Venice, Portia enters her marriage out of love for her husband. In the essay, I will consider whether Bassanio’s reasons for marrying her are equally romantic or more in line with actual historical practical reasons for getting married. Don’t just write a fact or history. Come up with the strong argument after close characters. Need a thesis first and add quotes from the text we read. The books we used in the class for the semester is “The Norton Anthology World Literature” with volume A,B, and C. For the story “Sakuntala”, the quotes must be used from this book, but the play “the merchant of Venice” isn’t in this book, so it can be used from Shakespeare’s book. The citation must be in MLA format and from which book I used. And lastly, the quotes must be cited in the following format: (act, scene #, line #). Do not use words such as “can’t” and “don’t”, instead, use “cannot” and “do not”. I would also like to see the first half of the paper in order to check and see if it meets the criteria.

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