Do his conclusions about the enemy make any sense in terms of your own ethical analysis of war?

1. Answer one question from section A and one from section B.
2. Each answer should be no longer than three pages per question.
3. Answers should be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, no larger than 12 point font, and grammatically correct.
4. Essays should have a logical structure developing your points. Be sure you have a beginning, middle, and a conclusion. Explain what you say and define terms.
5. Place all direct quotes in quotation marks and give the author and page number in parentheses after the quote, for example (McMahon 20). If you quote from any source in addition to the textbooks, be sure to include that source citation in your essay. Don’t just string quotes or terms together, but explain them in your own words to show that you have thought about them.
6. Although you may use external material, the purpose of the exam is for you to show your own knowledge; therefore, responses should be your work alone.

Section A

1. Chapter 6 in the McMahon book details the crucial issues related to the decision to increase of US military forces in Vietnam during the Johnson administration. Using documents 1, 3-6 and the Logevall essay, give three reasons used to explain this decision. Discuss the meaning and significance of these reasons, why they were deemed significant at the time, and the basis for the arguments used to support these reasons. Use at least one quote from either the documents or essays for each of your three reasons and explain the quote’s significance. Do you think that the rationales given for the reasons are valid? Why, why not?

Section B

2. Two of the central issues that Caputo examines in his book are killing and the enemy. His first major thoughts on these themes occur in chap 7 during his first real fire fight with the VC. Discuss his view of killing in terms of its justification, its naturalness and the need for moral reflection. Briefly describe the images of the enemy from the class presentation on the war posters. Discuss Caputo’s attitude about who the enemy is and who he wishes them to be. Why does this matter to him? How does he later come to view the enemy in chap 16, and what meaning does he draw from this view? In your answer, use two quotes from Caputo and explain each quote’s significance for your analysis. Do his conclusions about the enemy make any sense in terms of your own ethical analysis of war? Why, why not?

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